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Disposable income

Gross pay minus deductions for taxes.


To question the accuracy of information on a credit report. Disputes can now be effectively resolved online by notifying Equifax.


Holding several investments that have different risks. The concept of "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." The chance that a single stock or other investment will lose money is offset by the chances of your other stocks and investments making money.

Dividend Reinvestment

An arrangement that allows dividends on stocks or mutual funds to be used to purchase additional shares of the stock or mutual fund. A way of compounding the return on your investment.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

An arrangement that combines dividend reinvestment with the opportunity to purchase additional shares of stock directly from the company at a reduced price.

Dollar Cost Averaging

The process of purchasing stocks or mutual funds periodically at different market prices. Over long periods of time, the average cost of your shares tends to be less than the current market price.


A person's permanent home. The place where a person lives and intends to live for the indefinite future. Sometimes called legal residence. At any one time a person can have only one domicile.


Same as grantor.

Down Payment

The amount of cash that a purchaser needs to put toward the cost of a home, automobile, or other large purchase that is being financed (taking out a loan).

Due Date

The day a payment is due to a creditor. After that date, a late fee can be charged, the payment can be recorded as late, and the account can be considered delinquent.