MoneyU Glossary of Terms

MoneyU Glossary of Terms

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Charged Off

A term on your credit report that means that the creditor attempting to collect a particular debt gave up and is no longer trying to get payment from you.


The voluntary provision of money, materials, or help to people in need.


Written order directing a bank or credit union to pay a person or business a specific sum of money.

Checking Account

An account with which you write checks to withdraw your deposited funds from the account

Closed-End Mutual Fund

A mutual fund with a fixed number of shares that may be bought and sold like a stock.


To sign a credit agreement with someone and agree to share the debt with that person, or assume the debt if the other person defaults, or doesn't pay.


A parent (or any person over 18 years old) who agrees to share credit responsibilities with you and pay debts.


A document used to modify an existing will. A codicil must be executed with all of the same legal formalities required for a will. If you wish to make changes to your will, you should seek the advice of an attorney who practices in the area of estate planning to determine if it is better to execute a codicil or make a totally new will.


Savings, bonds, insurance policies, jewelry, property or other items that are pledged to pay off a loan or other debt if payments are not made according to the agreement. (Also called Security.)


The referral of a past due account to a specialist in collecting loans or accounts receivable.

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